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Introducing Tesla
composer flusteredscrambledeggsindexEBR-1: Melissa in front of the entrance to the first nuclear power generatorIMG_0027IMG_5411beach03Pedal collection. And so it begins.With my late maternal grandparents at the Sydney Opera House, c. 19846160573689_c1916b2654_b

Philadelphia, PA


@gtmcauliffe @bd_highsmith @virgiltexas Those classes probably collectively endowed a scholarship for their descendants.
about 15 hours ago


@samsanders I'm probably too late, but try @theboghouse: true story of a nerd couple who buy a magic theater in Phi…
about 15 hours ago


@braak Mmm, I'm not so into that idea. I like my egg in noodles medium-boiled. Also the broth of instant ramen is n…
6:53 PM Nov 16th