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The Gonzales Cantata at the Rotunda - rehearsal Aug 29, 2009
Homestead: Recording music for our time-lapse videosCat on the baby grand6160606245_c66c67cf77_b100_0745Melissa Dunphy 15TeslaIMG_0013beach03With my late maternal grandparents at the Sydney Opera House, c. 1984Sponging the second color

Philadelphia, PA


YASSS Age of Selfishness by Darryl Cunningham #ayn @ The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre
3:23 PM Mar 31st


Lol. I assume this is marketing for an upcoming TV show or film or something. I enjoy the Dianetics aesthetics
1:24 PM Mar 31st


It was 17 degrees warmer in ANTARCTICA than it was in Philadelphia today WHY DO I LIVE HERE WHY
10:02 PM Mar 29th