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tannerpublicityWith my late maternal grandparents at the Sydney Opera House, c. 19846160573689_c1916b2654_bEBR-1: Melissa in front of the entrance to the first nuclear power generator5Dinosaur Valley State Park: Brontosaurus is a FAKE.IMG_5282Cat on the baby grandSponging the second colorTesla Science Foundation Award!

Philadelphia, PA


@dervogelfamber A weird thing is that Brett Dean and I are both from Brisbane, are both violist-composers, and have…
about 14 hours ago


Maddeningly, we'll probably have to dig some of this back up when our electrical permit comes through, but L&I doesn't talk to Streets.
about 18 hours ago


Streets Dept are smoothing out the scar we left when we connected our sprinkler system.
about 18 hours ago