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Woman Plays Bach on Piano Upside Down

Pianist plays Bach's 'Prelude in C' while upside down

Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends - Fox News

Gretchen Carlson: All right, check out this amazing "Shot of the Morning" that's become a hit online: this teenage girl playing Bach's Prelude in C, and apparently it's so easy ... Brian Kilmeade: Of course I knew that. Gretchen Carlson: ..she can do it upside down! Brian Kilmeade: Which means backwards. Gretchen Carlson: At least her parents can't be mad at her for not practising her piano, right? Brian Kilmeade: Absolutely don't you have to — Gretchen, you know music, right? Plus you have your own CD's. Don't you have to touch the pedals? Gretchen Carlson: Well, that would only give it a little bit more of a legato sense, if you know what legato means. It would make it sound more smooth. But you don't nbecessarily have to have the pedal on. Especially for Bach. Bach would not have a lot of pedal. Steve Doocy: Did you notice she had her hands crossed? Brian Kilmeade: If you know Bach like I do -- Michelle Bach? What did you say? Steve Doocy: No, Johann. Gretchen Carlson: Johann Bach. I believe that's "Bachman." Michelle Bachman. Close, though.

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