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Set Myself Free (2020)

for SSAA Choir | 00:04:00

by Melissa Dunphy

There is no score for this work currently available. Please contact the composer for more information.

Commissioned by Amuse Singers, Artistic Director Phillip Cheah, to commemorate the 19th Amendment to the Constitution.

The live premiere of this work was postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic; the score will be available after the live premiere.

Suck-in stomach.
Wet plump lips.
Paint myself,
Until I can't see myself.
Pleasing you.
I'm tired of my
Face Waist Thighs.
Tired of being the...
UnMe? Not Me?
The Never Good Enough To Be Really Seen.
I scrub the shame out of my eyes.
What to do,
with this paint left behind?
Your rights and mine.
To better align
With the dreams
Our foremothers bought
on back and bent knee.
They know the price of liberty.
They paid day after day
So I could re-paint the Constitution,
And set myself free.

—Jacqueline Goldfinger

Artwork by Claris Park


  • 18 Aug, 2020: Amuse Singers at YouTube (online premiere)