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Theme and Variables: Scallops and Bollocks for Tea

Theme and Variables: Scallops and Bollocks for Tea (2013) 3:00
violin, tape

An ode to CSIRAC, one of the earliest computers, for solo violin and Nintendo sounds.


June (2012) 8:00
solo voice with looper pedal

Composed for Voice of this Generation and Network for New Music. For solo voice (any range) and looper pedal.

Rhapsody on a Fragment

Rhapsody on a Fragment (2009) 08:00
electric cello, delay

For solo electric cello and delay unit.


Insects (2008) 05:35

Cover art by Stephen Lyth. Insects explores the intersection of two similar sounds: those of insects, and the various sometimes involuntary noises we produce with our own mouths. Composed late at night using sounds recorded from the composer's own mouth and manipulated with Ableton Live.

Boulez is Dead: A Serial Piece in C#

Boulez is Dead: A Serial Piece in C# (2007) 02:00
Theremin, cello, tape

An ironic protest and parody of the musical philosophy of serialism for Theremin, cello and code.

L'homme Armé

L'homme Armé (2006) 06:00
French horn, clarinet, Theremin, solo soprano or tenor, cello, tape

For 5-piece chamber ensemble and tape. A somber reaction to gun culture in the United States composed during the violence of the Iraq War and the shooting at Virginia Tech. Featuring found sound recorded during the conflicts and a metrical canon, with lyrics taken from a medieval call to arms.