Score Pricing
Want to commission a piece?

Score Pricing

Most of my scores are currently self-published through Mormolyke Press. Electronic (pdf) copies of scores for perusal or study purposes are always free of charge if available; click on any composition to see information about downloading the score. Most scores are offered as bonus files through Bandcamp album downloads (these are all offered at "name your price," meaning you can download them for free if you wish).

If you require sheet music for a performance, my policy is that you only need to pay for electronic sheet music if you are charging admission for the performance. If your performance is free of charge (e.g. student recitals, church services), you are welcome to download and print the required sheet music for free. If you are using the sheet music for educational or audition purposes, you are also welcome to download and print the music free of charge.

If you are mounting a public performance and charging admission, please contact me to discuss (very reasonable!) sheet music fees.

Commission a Piece

Whether you need a piece for a specific concert or event, incidental music for a theatrical production, or a truly unique gift dedication, or if you simply have the desire to be part of a musical creation, consider commissioning a work. Contact me to discuss a price and time frame - there are options to suit almost any budget and specification.


Contact Melissa Dunphy and Mormolyke Press by e-mail or leave a message at (717) 214-6121.

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